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I-Deal Development supports its historical client in its listing on the Euronext stock exchange

I-Deal Development, announces the listing of its historical client Alan Allman Associates, on compartment C of Euronext.

The I-Deal Development teams have identified a Reverse Take Over (RTO) transaction as the ideal solution, among all those proposed and analyzed in depth. This operation consists in bringing the assets of a private company into a public company with no assets, listed on a chosen market. Faster and less restrictive, it allows a company to quickly access the listing.

This RTO operation gives Alan Allman Associates the opportunity to tell its story to the market (equity story), to prepare presentations to analysts, potential investors and management (Road Show) and to control its timetable in order to carry out a capital increase when the time comes, allowing greater flexibility in this uncertain context of health crisis.

Its exceptional external growth system allows it to almost double in size every two years. To absorb this growth, the agility of the model and the constant questioning of teams and managers are necessary. After 12 years at the helm of the ecosystem, Jean-Marie THUAL, the founding president, wishes to share his story with the market by opening his capital.

The objectives of organic and external growth are ambitious in the years to come. This listing will allow Alan Allman Associates to capture new markets, to attract the interest of international investors and to federate new expert consulting firms who wish to join this great adventure.

Since 2009, Frédéric Bonan and I-Deal Development have been supporting Jean-Marie Thual and his teams through the two core activities of the firm: strategic consulting with an operational focus and the completion of more than twenty acquisition transactions.

On April 7, 2021, Mr. Jean-Marie Thual rang the Euronext bell: the company was listed on the stock exchange.

On April 9, 2021, Alan Allman Associates was listed on the stock exchange and obtained the mnemonic code AAA.

In 12 years of support, I-Deal Development has backed Alan Allman Associates. Starting from scratch, it has become a listed international ecosystem, employing more than 1,500 experts worldwide and gathering a panel of 700 clients for a turnover of about 138 million euros as of 31/12/2020.

The listing does not mark the end of this long-standing collaboration. On the contrary, many new acquisition operations are in preparation. This is the beginning of a new story for Alan Allman Associates in the public markets.

“Without I-Deal Development, nothing would have been possible. Thank you to the entire team for their tenacity and consistency.” – Jean-Marie Thual, Director of Alan Allman Associates.

“The technical skills of each person, their knowledge of the company and of this subject were essential to the success of this operation. Thanks also to the strong support of the legal and communication advisors” – Frédéric Bonan, director of I-Deal Development.


About Alan Allman Associates :

Founded in 2009 by Mr. Jean-Marie THUAL, Alan Allman Associates is an ecosystem with multi-sector skills, specializing in the fields of High Tech Consulting, Industry Consulting and Strategy Consulting.

The ecosystem is composed of 21 brands, allowing it to be established on an international scale, with strong roots in France, Benelux and Canada.

Alan Allman Associates identifies leading brands that create value in niche markets or segments. This innovative integration strategy provides it with differentiating know-how, enhances the skills of its 1,500 employees and creates business and geographic synergies between the brands.

About I-Deal Development: I-Deal Development is a French consulting firm based in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Brussels and Montreal, specializing in strategy and international influence. Specialized in Corporate Finance, the firm assists small and medium-sized companies in the management of their growth through its strategy consulting activities with an operational vocation: integration, organic growth, operational levers and consulting activities in equity transactions: acquisitions, disposals and capital increases.

As the prime contractor for these operations and alongside the managers and shareholders, the firm assists its clients in creating operational and shareholder value.


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