I-deal Development


The key of I-Deal Development success lies in its team of experts, dedicated and efficient.

FRÉDÉRIC BONAN Managing Partner

Graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aéronautique in 1986 and a master’s degree in Marketing and Management by ESSEC in 1988, Frédéric Bonan began his career in the network of the Confédération Nationale des Juniors Entreprises as president of the international deployment. He discovered the American, Asian and European markets and led the local network. As project manager for the industrial marketing consulting firm 2MI, he performs strategic diagnostics.

In 1987, he joined a renowned consulting firm as a business engineer, development and marketing manager. He held these positions for 9 years. Appointed Chief Operating Officer on the Group’s Management Committee and member of the Board of Directors, he contributes to the development of unprecedented growth. It develops activities in 24 countries and in more than 15 cities in France. As a result, Frédéric Bonan has increased the group from 300 to 4,350 employees, and its turnover is multiplied by 12.

Frédéric Bonan created I-Deal Development in 2005, of which among the almost two hundred transactions some of the most notable are the sale of Filorga to Mr. Tabary (2007), the sale of the Sobio group to Carrefour or the support of Walor International from €25m to €240m CAD, very nice family-run SMEs.

THIERRY BLOCH Managing Director

Thierry Bloch is a graduate of EMLV, and also holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from INSEEC.

Thierry joined Frédéric Bonan in 2005 at the launch of I-Deal Development, after working for Bank of Ireland Corporate Banking and a digital start-up.

He has worked in a variety of sectors, including industry, energy services, healthcare, consumer goods and consulting.

To date, he has been involved in over a hundred transactions since joining I-Deal Development, with some very fine success stories in retail, consulting and cosmetics, such as the sale of Filorga and So bio.

In 2023, he will contribute to the acquisition of ING SOFT and the sale of TCEM.

Thierry also specializes in strategy consulting and is an exemplary reference for his partners and account managers within the investment bank, who place their full trust in him thanks to his management skills and experience.


Irvinn Aubert holds a degree in international business from the Institut des Hautes Études Économiques et Commerciales, as well as a master’s degree in corporate finance from SKEMA Business School.

Drawing on his experience as an analyst in listed securities as well as in investment, he joined I-Deal Development in 2018.

He has more than twenty deals to his credit, including success stories such as LAFON (electrical engineering), MCA Ingénierie (engineering consulting) and Spincontrol (cosmetics CRO). His experience spans a wide range of sectors: service, consumer goods and industry.

Irvinn has been involved in a wide variety of shareholding contexts, and in particular in transactions requiring advanced financial engineering.

In 2022, his promotion to Associate Director is recognition of his professionalism, versatility, commitment and ambition.

Paul-André Jouzel holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Financial Markets from the Catholic University of Lyon and an MSC in Finance from Emlyon Business School.

He joined I-Deal Development in 2019 after gaining experience in the finance department of the Synergie group (Barcelona), in M&A for a real estate group and as an investment fund analyst for CM-CIC Capital investissement.

He is particularly active in the TMT sector (Technology, Strategy Consulting, Data, Software, Cybersecurity, Web & Metaverse, Digital Marketing, IT, Engineering).

Paul-André has some thirty deals to his credit with ESNs, including ten in Canada. In 2023, he contributed to the acquisitions of WINNING, Data eXcellence, Lambda, ING SOFT, Forces Motrices, Excelsior, Evisance and Humans 4 Help.

In 2022, he was promoted to Associate Director in addition to his role as head of I-Deal Development’s Canadian office in Montreal.

Marie Develay Senior Associate

Marie Develay holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Markets from ESDES – Université Catholique de Lyon. She will be awarded the Certified International Investment Analyst (level 2) by the Société Française des Analystes Financiers in 2022. Marie joined I-Deal Development in 2020 after a spell as a financial auditor with RSM France.

She works in a number of sectors, particularly in consulting (ESN, engineering and innovation) and industry (aeronautics, automotive).

Marie has some 15 deals to her credit since joining I-Deal Development, including in 2023: the acquisition of ITI industries, the acquisition of an Asian company for the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, and a fund-raising operation for the WMH group.

A significant number of the transactions in which she has been involved involve the Rhône-Alpes region and Belgium.

The wide range of contexts in which she has been involved makes her a highly versatile player.

Catherine HENRY-LEFAUCHEUX Executive assistant

Catherine Henry-Lefaucheux holds a BTS in Executive Assistant.

She joined I-Deal Development in 2017 after 20 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant, including 15 years with Bouygues Telecom. During these 15 years, Catherine was Department Assistant to around a hundred employees.

In addition to her experience, her dynamism, versatility and exemplary professionalism enabled her to join the investment bank I-Deal Development as an Executive Assistant.

Florian Reynaud Associate

A graduate of IAE Gustave Eiffel with a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering, Florian joined the I-Deal Development teams in 2022, after initial experience with the Novarc Group as Assistant Group Financial Director.

He is particularly involved in the energy services sector (energy transition, energy performance of buildings, etc.) and traditional industries.

Florian has been involved in almost a dozen transactions since joining I-Deal Development, including the sale of TCEM, a subsidiary of the Finergy group, in 2023.

Sonia Bakri Head of marketing and Communication

Sonia Bakri graduated from PPA Business School with a Master’s degree in Communication and Marketing Strategy Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Operational Marketing.

She joined I-Deal Development in 2023 as Marketing and Communications Manager after 3 years’ experience as Marketing and Communications Project Manager at LARCO. She also has experience in the sustainable development, healthcare, events, interior design, fashion and cosmetics sectors.

Thanks to her experience in a wide range of sectors, Sonia is well-versed in marketing & digital strategy, communications (social media, print, external communications, internal communications, content writing), press relations, as well as event organization and management (afterwork, professional events, trade shows, seminars, webinars, etc.).

Natty Bothereau Associate

Graduated with a Master 2 in Analysis and Financial Strategy at IGR IAE Rennes, Natty Bothereau joins the I-Deal Development teams as M&A Associate.

After 2 years of experience as a Merger/Acquisition Analyst within the companies Banque Populaire Grand Ouest and Wingate, Natty is involved in the acquisition, sale and fundraising operations, in the various areas of specialization of Maison I-Deal Development.

Jules schoonberg Associate

Graduated from emlyon business school, with a Master of Science in Corporate Finance & Investment Banking, Jules joined I-Deal Development teams in early 2022 after various experiences in Corporate Development and Corporate Finance in Paris, Toronto and Frankfurt. Before joining, he worked for Sanofi’s European finance department in Frankfurt, as well as an analyst with financial consultancy firm IBI.

He is particularly active in the consulting (Strategy & Management, IT, Engineering, Digital Marketing) and Business Services sectors.

He has contributed to some 15 deals since joining I-Deal Development, including in 2023: Winning (Strategy & Management Consulting – Portugal & Spain), Data eXcellence (Data Migration Consulting – Netherlands), Lambda (Cybersecurity – Quebec), Excelsior (Web 3 & Metaverse Consulting – France) & Humans4Help (RPA & Data Science – France & North Africa).

Victorien Nicolas Associate

A graduate of ESDES Lyon Business School, with a Master’s degree in Finance and Markets, Victorien joined the I-Deal Development teams in 2022, after initial experience with the Banque de France as a Financial Analyst.

He is particularly involved in the industrial sector, notably aeronautics, defense, energy, nuclear and metallurgy.

Victorien is a real asset to I-Deal Development’s growth. He has contributed to around ten transactions, including in 2023: the acquisition of ITI industries, the acquisition of Lormedo, and the sale of Collet Cuisson.